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Unique apartments, for unique people.

Carefully thought-out designs for a pleasant life

Privacy that creates exclusivity

We carefully design the infrastructure of Canteras so that no department shares a wall and borders with each other, granting maximum privacy and exclusivity to its inhabitants.


Configuration of towers


We have developed for you a space of modern and avant-garde architecture between the comforts of the city and immersed in the exclusivity of nature, the ideal place to live, grow and make every day a perfect moment.

A project for those who live at their own pace

Queretaro is the state that currently has the most growth in the country granting 7% growth, which has made it a strategic point for Mexico and the injection of foreign capital that will help to obtain an even greater surplus value than was estimated.

A project for those who live at their own pace.

We think about every detail to get the best quality life.

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Time to study

Moments of recreation

Real Estate Advice

The right decision is to identify opportunities and take them, take advantage of the moment and take the impulse to invest in a property that will not lose value in the future, rather will increase.


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Our Team

At Venit Investments we create high-value real estate concepts, capable of providing an outstanding and memorable experience to all our customers, always improving the urban and life quality of the communities where we develop our projects.

Each of our urban concepts seeks to create satisfactory experiences for residents, but also for tenants and visitors. Always developed with the most innovative construction techniques on the market, our projects are designed looking for the least environmental impact and the highest benefit for the community in which they are inserted.

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